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Volvo V60. The wagon is back.

Volvo V60.  The wagon is back.
Volvo V60. The wagon is back.Steven Marks

2015 Volvo V60


Briefly plagued by traveling families in the 70s and 80s, station wagons have been awarded a slightly negative stigma, and are nearly extinct. Replaced over the last few years by taller wagons, aka crossovers, the station wagon gets no love on this side of the pond in North America. In Europe, the wagon, or estate nearly outsells four door sedans. Personally, there has always been something appealing about a wagon. They exhibit personality, versatility, practicality, and style. Style? Oh yes, style.

Take a good glimpse at the new Volvo V60. The exterior clearly translates the sleek, contemporary design the Swedish do all so well. Smooth lines commence from the front, quickly drawing attention to the swooped greenhouse that graduates to the rear. Far from the design of driving bricks in the past, Volvo continues to create attractive sheet metal underlying Scandinavian construction elements. The newly revised face of Volvo straight from the S60 sport sedan carries over with LED lights adorning the front and rear. This particular Swede was painted in the glorious Power Blue metallic, that albeit striking, underlines a level of class and sophistication that is distinctly Volvo.

Simplicity meets function as the interior continues on the theme of contemporary design cues with every detail serving a purpose. Upon entry, some of the finest seats in the industry welcome passengers in a simple, yet refined interior. Defined side bolsters and a deep cushion guarantee continuous levels of comfort for a driver of any size or shape. An interactive instrument cluster adds a sophisticated level of technology, with no compromise. Drivers can alter the settings in the display to show analog, digital, and various relevant and important readouts. Some details of the panel recall products of the past; reminding you Volvo is not new to the industry.

Under the hood is uniquely Volvo, utilizing force induction to propel the wagon to a state of driving exhilaration. The brand's potent T5 power plant pushes out an exhilarating 250 HP with 266 lb. ft. of torque, which is then mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission that promises smooth power delivery. In the future, one can only hope Volvo will introduce a high performance Polestar variant.

When shopping the market in the popular compact crossover segment, take a moment to check out the Volvo V60. The style, versatility, and individuality just may be enough to seriously consider. It’s the right car to meet most lifestyles with a valuable level of poise and elegance. Still not convinced? Take another moment and check out the brand's XC60 crossover.