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Vitale Olive Oil Hair Oil greasy but effective

Vitale Olive Oil Hair Oil bottle
(Shamontiel L. Vaughn)

Vitale Olive Oil Virgin Hair Oil


Olive oil is one of the most useful and economical ways to repair dry and damaged hair. The problem is it can be a bit on the oily side and the cream version of olive oil hair oil doesn't always smell the best. Vitale Olive Oil Hair Oil: Virgin Hair Oil is a happy medium between the two.

A few ingredients in Vitale Olive Oil Hair Oil include fruit oil, rosemary and citrus, and as soon as the oil hits the air, the aroma smells like a light fruity perfume. For people who prefer fruity perfumes over flowery perfumes, this is an immediate perk. And the smell is noticeable so it may be a good idea to ditch the perfume after a fresh layer so too many smells don't mix at once.

As with hot oil treatment bottles, be careful about clipping the tip to avoid too much oil pouring out at once. It's strongly advised to clip the tip a little at a time to get the pressure out exactly how each consumer wants it to be. Wearing a cover or towel across the shoulders is an easy way to avoid excess spilling.

Part hair, turn the bottle upside down, apply mild pressure and oil hair as needed. Because olive oil is greasy, by the time the hair is oiled it may look like an impossible mess to curl. There are plenty of nightmare hair oils that leave hair with the appearance of cooked spaghetti noodles that just lay there. (Tip: When this happens, admit defeat. Wear hair in a ponytail or pulled back into a braid or two. There's no point in overheating hair when it'll be impossible to curl. After a few strands, it should be evident whether a curl will hold.)

But Vitale Olive Oil surprisingly still holds a curl. As long as the oil goes on the scalp and is evenly brushed out, it doesn't hurt the styling process. The instructions say to apply an ample amount into hands and massage it through to the scalp, but the scalp gets drier in a faster amount of time so applying the oil on the skin layer is recommended.

Running a brush through the hair after the entire scalp has been oiled is enough moisture for the rest of the strands, too. Vitale Olive Oil Hair Oil is also recommended for hair growth, anti-frizz and to heal split ends.

After a full curl, feathering and molding, the tested hairstyle still stayed in place without any sheen or hairspray. This product is a winner.

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