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'Virgin' attracts large crowds at Just Off Broadway Theatre

Virgin at the Just Off Broadway Theater in Kansas City, Missouri
Virgin at the Just Off Broadway Theater in Kansas City, Missouri
Rob Smith and Courtesy of KC Fringe Festival

"Virgin" at JOB Theatre


A strong showing of support makes “Virgin,” by Jesse Ray Metcalf, one of the him Kansas City Fringe Festivals entries a strong competitor for Best of him Venue at the Just Off-Broadway Theatre, one of 18 venues offering a selection of over 400 plays and performances over the 11 day span of the Fringe Festival.

Mary Sue and her Catholic girlfriends have some sectets to tell, but secrets lead to lies, deception  and more in "Virgin" at Kansas City's Fringe Festival.
J. Will Fritz and courtesy of KC Fringe Festival

“Virgin” deals with a group of Catholic schoolgirls in a coming of age story where they want to indulge in their sexual fantasies. As the girls giggle and talk about their perceptions of the opposite sex and the experimentation of “getting to know” more about boys’sexual organs and mechanics, their desire to rid themselves of their virginity, problems and questions come to the forefront.

“God's got a surprise for you--and her name is Mary Sue,” states the information provided to the KC fringe Festival program. “In this dark comedy full of fad-loving bitchy Catholic school girls, and PTA Bible-thumping moms whose high heels bring them closer to God, Mary Sue's got a secret--a secret she'll do anything to keep. It's a tough world out there, but Mary Sue knows she needs to get on top.....or bottom....she'll figure it out....hopefully.

Sex drugs and lies overtake the lives of the cast of characters in “Virgin.” The cast includes Kenna Hall, Ellen Kirk, Melissa Fennewald, Briana Marxen-McCollum, Matt Leonard, Ai Vy Bui, Alisa Lynn, Lindsey Ray, Emily O'Dell, and Bonnie Griffin.

On this cast of characters to deliver to me and strong performances. Kirk gives a funny performance as the uptight Bible thumping mother. Hall, as Mary Sue, spends light up online a, bigger and grander, to hide her secrets. Fennewald plays the best friend who’s always there to help Mary Sue forward her plan. Also of note in the cast, Matt Leonard creates to completely different male characters in a display of his comedic talents which is a partnership from his standard dramatic performances.

The cast is strong and their performances are good. “Virgin” is a work in progress and development. While the show contains many laughs and many parodies, it does contain holes which need to be filled before it moves forward. Is this a parody of Catholic girls? Is this a parody of Christianity? Those two questions require answers as the piece further develops.

The show is obviously a hit at its venue. It will definitely contend for the most attended show at the Just Off-Broadway Theatre. For more information on the show, go to the Kansas City Fringe Festival webpage: