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Vionic Footwear review

Tide Sequin Sandal
Tide Sequin Sandal
Vionic Footwear

Vionic Sandal


6 weeks ago I was given a pair of Vionic Shoes. I know they may sound like space shoes or bionic shoes, but they're not. Vionic shoes have a breakthrough technology called Orthaheel that support feet better than regular shoes. This new technology is supposed to be beyond any kind of orthotic insert on the market and look be more stylish than most orthotic shoes.

The Orthaheel is already built into each Vionic shoe and can help ease aches and pains in your knees, back and legs, as well as help eliminate flat footedness.

Think your foot is getting longer? In reality your foot is collapsing because you're not getting the correct support you need from heels and flats.

I never really wear sneakers unless I'm working out and my high heel Nike Dunks don't count. Most days I'm wearing some sort of heel or flat dress shoe. Even when I wear my flats, by the end of the day my feet feel very uncomfortable and sometimes ache. My feet are very flat and have been for many years so, I was hoping Vionic shoe would help. When I go out dancing, I usually slip a Dr. Scholl's insert in my heel, which doesn't help much. So, I was excited to try out Vionic shoes.


After 6 weeks of wearing the Vionic shoes as much as possible (I even wore them around my apartment), I do see a difference in my feet. For starters when I wear the Vionic shoe all day, my feet don't hurt. No pain. No aching. I also noticed that I don't need to sleep with a pillow in between my legs as much anymore. The shoes are very comfortable and didn't make me walk funny, which is something I thought would happen with wearing a orthotic shoe.

No one can tell I'm wearing a "special" shoe. My shoe looks like any other shoe and the one thing I'm very impressed with is how trendy and normal the Vionic shoe looks and feels.

I'm a fan of these shoes and actually told my boyfriend he should look into a pair for the office. There's a collection of shoes for men and women and include everything from sneakers to work shoes, to wedges and even bedroom slippers. I've had such a pleasurable experience wearing these shoes that I will always keep a pair for summer and winter. I will continue to wear the shoes to see if there's a continue decrease in my flat feet.

I think these shoes are great for anyone who wants to stay fashionable, while taking care their feet. Vionic shoe is definitely beneficial for everyone but, if you work on your feet a lot or have back issues, then it's a must.

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