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Vintage a novel by Susan Gloss

Vintage by Susan Gloss

Vintage by Susan Gloss


Your Fresno Books Examiner was sent a copy of Vintage by Susan Gloss from William Morrow Marketing. I was so pleased to get a hard back copy of this beautifully covered book.

I was equally pleased to find out in reading Vintage by Susan Gloss that it is also a beautiful book inside the cover as well. The title alone caught my attention, because I myself have entered into secondhand stores in hopes of finding beautiful pieces of clothing. I loved how the author used this to make each piece of clothing in the story to have its own story to tell.

Each chapter starts off with listing a clothing item, scarf or purse, etc. Then there is a date associated with it, who it came from and a little line of description or how worn or not it is. I think it is such an original idea and very intriguing for the reader. This gives the reader an idea of who that chapter may be about. With this, the point of view changes in different chapters, but is not first person and still seems to work well with the pace and mood of the book.

The description of the novel from Susan Gloss's book site:

At Hourglass Vintage in Madison, Wisconsin, every item in the boutique has a story to tell…and so do the women who are drawn there.

Violet Turner has always dreamed of owning a shop like Hourglass Vintage. When she is faced with the possibility of losing it, she realizes that, as much as she wants to, she cannot save it alone.

Eighteen-year-old April Morgan is nearly five months along in an unplanned pregnancy when her hasty engagement is broken. When she returns the perfect 1950s wedding dress, she discovers unexpected possibilities and friends who won’t let her give up on her dreams.

Betrayed by her husband, Amithi Singh begins selling off her old clothes, remnants of her past life. After decades of housekeeping and parenting a daughter who rejects her traditional ways, she fears she has nothing more ahead for her.

An engaging story that beautifully captures the essence of women’s friendship and love, Vintage is a charming tale of possibility, of finding renewal and hope when we least expect it.

“…This novel is sure to please fans of women’s fiction who enjoy an engaging story filled with plucky characters and second acts.” -Library Journal

Vintage is a refreshing story of real women with real life issues. I enjoyed reading it and finding out how it all played out, including the vintage pieces that helped tell their stories. I highly recommend it for a summer read. I hope we hear more from Susan Gloss again soon as this is her debut novel!

Happy Reading!

~Your Fresno Books Examiner

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