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Vikings Character Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) a Great Single Mom

Vikings Lagertha is a great single mom
Photo by Jason Merritt

History Channel Vikings Character Lagertha as a single mom


The History Channel is in the midst of it's second season of the hit show "Vikings". In season one Katheryn Winnick plays the female lead character, Lagertha. The show airs on Thursday nights at 10 pm EST, with an encore presentation at 11 pm EST. During season one, Winnick's character was married, yet somewhat of a single mother due to her husband's travel. By season two, she is a full-fledged single mom. I am a huge fan of the show, and even follow most of the cast on Twitter.

Why do I feel that Lagertha is a great single mom? It was a difficult decision since the character's daughter passed away in season one, and season two has a four year jump in which her son Bjorn's maturing is not shown. Why, then, would I use this character as an example of a great single mom when so much of her son's upbringing is missing? By the character clues we are given after the four year gap.

The character Lagertha is re-married, and quite unhappily, to a man of wealth and power. (This shows her willingness to make sacrifices for the benefit of her child.) She quickly comes to her son's defense when he is even mildly spoken ill of or to, by her new husband. (The protective mother.) We watch as the son, Bjorn, watches over his mother like a hawk without her even knowing. (This shows a strong bond and closeness that a child feels for a mother who has cared for him in ways that even he can not be unaware of.) Throughout many of their struggles which we see unfolding in season two, we watch as she, with difficulty, allows her son to make his own decisions as he begins to come of age. (She allows him to grow and trust in the wisdom that she has imparted to him.) And finally, she follows him into battle. (He's never too old, or strong for her to try to protect him.)

Congratulations to the writers, and to Katheryn Winnick for making us believe it all. So, my hat goes off to this wonderful collaboration of talented individuals who make the character Lagertha get props for being a great single mom.