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"Vikingdom" Review



I'm not sure what's crazier, a Malaysian based Viking movie or a red-headed Thor, but musician turned director Yusry Abd Halim tackles those life changing questions and more in "Vikingdom," a movie where Avengers would fear to tread.

Dominic Purcell at Premiere
Photo by Michael Buckner

The film wastes no time in presenting the uncredited star of this film: CGI. In a scene so cheesy and fun, you'll want to scream "Velveeta," we open to Viking prince Eirick (Dominic Purcell) breathing his last breath...or so you think. With a voiceover that has Eirick proclaiming "My story begins the day I died," you just know it's going to be fun.

We fast forward a decade to find the once dead king slaying a bear...ok, a guy in a really bad bear suit while telling him "Forgive me, old friend." Knocking over a vase or dropping your iphone, your friend may forgive you, but impaling him and wearing his fur...not so much. His mountain-man solitude is interrupted by Lord Frey (Jesse Moss), an androgynous mystical being wearing one of the wackiest homemade celestial outfits in all of cinema. It's this see-through, lemon colored ensemble that will make you mock the gods...all of them.

Frey calls upon Eirick to take down Thor. Yes, that Thor (Conan Stevens). Except this god of thunder has a long crimson wig, a disregard for mortals, and matching neck length mustache and he's a bit of a narcissistic jerk. And don't get me started on the hammer. Oh, and don't expect Iron Man or Cap to save him. Odin's favorite son has a plan to open the gates between Midgard (Earth), Valhalla and all points in between with himself as the ruler. Eirick enlists a merry band consisting of BFF Sven (Craig Fairbrass), a Chinese kung fu fighter Yang (Jon Foo) who only speaks Mandarin, but understands English for the most part, and hot, bare-midriffed ship captain (Natassia Malthe). Seriously, she rocks the leather sports bra top even when there's a blizzard. There's also a typical cast of Viking cohorts who live to kill enemies, but with swords and axes, instead of their words.

Likely made on the budget of Disney's Thor's craft services, "Vikingdom" is a lot of fun. From the overdose of CGI to make up for budget and big names to the power ballad at the end. Look, you're not getting this much long hair in one place without rocking out over the credits. Despite the abundance of bloodletting and mutilation, kids should like it. It really is like a videogame, complete with bad hair. Of course, parents may laugh at how cheesy it is (or be reminded of when they experimented with pot...yes, there's an underwater horse scene).

A visit from Odin or Loki would've been nice (and the possible lawsuit from Disney would've been a hoot), but "Vikingdom" is B-movie fun, whether the filmmakers intended it or not. It may not be a trip to Valhalla, but at least it won't mess up your hair.

"Vikingdom" -MPAA: Rated Unrated (Does contain a tame sex scene and a lot of violence). Running time: 112 minutes. In limited release nationwide.

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