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Video Music Awards Held @ The Beyonce Concert, Smash Records

Beyonce Shuts Down the VMA's
Beyonce Shuts Down the VMA's
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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards


After a flawless year for Beyonce both commercially and with critics around the world, it only made sense that Mrs. Carter closed the show with an ensemble of all her hits from the number one album, 'Beyonce'. If you can recall, Beyonce release her self titled album last December as a surprise to fans on iTunes with no announcement. The album was released that Winter night with songs and videos for each song. Each video was a testament following Beyonce's journey to the top of the pop throne.

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards kicked off the night with an interview with Miley Cyrus, another pop diva who achieved commercial and critical success this year with her album, 'Bangerz', released two months before Beyonce's, 'Beyonce.' She commented on Nicki Minaj's booty and that Ms. Minaj stole the record of having the most video views in a 24 hour period for her new song, 'Anaconda.' The song, which features the background tone of 'Baby got Back,' also mentions a boy named Michael. Is she referring to Michael Jackson or Michael Jenney? Kidding, but one can dream.

Next, Adam Levine is interviewed with his hair back to his normal color, dark brown. The blonde was cute, Adam, but you're much sexier with your natural color. Mr. Levine grew up in Los Angeles and was proud that the show was held at The Forum in Inglewood, California, a destination he has always respected and honored. It was Maroon V's first time to perform at the VMA's, which came to a surprise considering the band has been well received my MTV and won multiple awards in various popular categories in the past. Their new album, 'V,' is slated to come out on September 2nd.

Then, Jennifer Lopez is interviewed and man does she look better than ever! Wearing a long, silver studded gown showing off her curves and toned body, the triple threat superstar fiercely stated her song, 'Booty,' off of her not so successful new album, 'A.K.A,' will get a remix with her prodigy, Iggy Azalea.

The Artist to watch winner, 'Fifth Harmony,' opened the pre-show on the red carpet, belting out notes that have not been heard since the likes of Mariah Carey and Tina Turner. The girls can sing and they're cute to boot. These girls definitely have it, were discovered by Simon Cowell on The X-Factor and have the talent to be recognized in this category, but I wish they were three girls instead of five. Five is too sloppy and usually ends up a hot mess. The girls should think more like Destiny's Child and the off the grid, Danity Kane. Three is sharper, sexier and classy.

Right before the show starts, Katy Perry arrives in a hot car dressed like Britney and Justin were when they dated at the awards show. Not too sure who the guy with her was and don't really care to research that minute detail. It was very funny, though and Katy Perry never fails to entertain. Katy Perry took home the Female Video Award for 'Dark Horse,' featuring Juicy J. Oh wait, was that corn-head, more Kevin Federaline look alike, Juicy?

The show opened with Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. Ariana sang her huge hit first, then Nicki busted out with a slutty rendition of 'Anaconda,' and then Jessie J joined the others for their hit song, 'Bang Bang.' This was no Madonna and Britney or just a solo Britney opening, but I would give it a B+. Those girls can really sing, especially the new Mariah bombshell, ombshell, Ariana Grande.

Taylor Swift finally has come back to planet earth and performed her new song, 'Shake it Off." Great message and an awesome, sick beat. Props Taylor for revealing some humanity and giving the world a taste of the fun, heartwarming and always talented songstress. Best Male video was given to Ed Sheeran. No comment. Talented dude, just not my style. That should have went to Pharrell. Ariana Grande takes home best Pop video. Drake then takes best Hip-Hop video.

Miley Cyrus takes home The Video of the Year and instead of accepting the award herself, has a homeless man who performs countless help jobs including hotel cleaning and plumbing. Miley is in tears as the man is mentioning how many people around the world who are very talented end up on the streets. Whether they are fighting depression, bi-polar disease or just plain broke with no family to intervene, Miley is helping out these people by having the world venture to her Facebook page and making a stand. I thought this was very touching, brilliant and so cool for an international superstar to do. Props Miley. Not only are you extremely talented with a unique voice, your heart is pure and genuine, something we don't always get to witness with stars that achieve the success you have.

After reading this article so far, you're probably wondering how was this a Beyonce concert, considering I haven't mentioned Queen B once. Well, she closed the show for almost thirty minutes, teasing clips and belting out some of her best songs from the incredible album. She opened with 'Mine' featuring Drake, although he was not present. She performed 'Haunted/Ghost,' 'No Angel,' 'Blow,' 'Drunk in Love,' 'Rocket,' 'Partition,' 'Blue' & 'XO.' Her baby girl, Blue and Jay-Z came up to the stage with Beyonce who was also receiving the Vanguard award. Humbled, blessed and teary-eyed, Beyonce without a doubt, officially the Queen of Pop and one of the best female entertainers ever to grace the stage, music studios, albums and anyone she affects with her voice and out of this world stage presence. She is F L A W L E S S.

All in all, the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards were a hit, both informative and extremely entertaining. Not so many surprises or jaw-dropping moments this year, just good music, great people and awesome performances.

What did you think of the VMA's?

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