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Video game reviews: Spear of Destiny

Spear of Destiny: Wolfenstein


Spear of Destiny is a game that actually was a prequel to the original Wolfenstein 3D game. It is using the game engine that is similar but is different in its own sense. For instance, in order to even play a game, there is a question that is asked and has to be answered in order to proceed. It is not the first PC game to do that but it can be frustrating without a manual. Of course, there is the option of Google.

The story is that it involves the Nazis capturing the spear and it’s up to you to reclaim it. It’s a pretty straightforward plot in that respect. Just go out there and beat up your enemies and eventually there are bosses. At the very end, there are two bosses that have to be fought in order to complete the game. The last boss is not human and is the one that must be fought in order to successfully complete the mission.

Graphically, it does have the same look as Wolfenstein 3D. It was solid for the time being. Keep in mind that it was done based upon what was given to work with. They are solid as stated already. All the characters look the part, which is what was to be expected. Overall, there really isn’t much that can be complained about.

The genre for the game is a first person shooter. Use the keyboard with the arrows going in all four directions. There is the shooting button and opening. There are secrets to be found that can help lead to having 100% completion rate if you are that type of person, which is not a bad thing. Unlike Wolfenstein 3D, this one goes straight through and does not have any episodes at least for the original pack. It’s like how Doom 2 doesn’t have multiple episodes.

The game itself is actually not that bad. It can be a bit tedious at the beginning trying to even play in the first place. There are boss battles that will challenge you without question. It is worth playing at the very least. It is hard to find actually but it is possible. The only issue is that it may not be compatible with current computers due to them being more advanced. The closest way to play it would be through a DOS emulator. If you are feeling nostalgic, then maybe give it a look.