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Video game reviews: Mega Man PC

Mega Man PC


Mega Man actually had a game that was developed for the PC. It was not actually developed by Capcom. It was developed by a company known as Hi-Tech Expressions but was given approval. It is one of the games that did appear as part of a CD that included Mega Man 3, which is the other Hi-Tech Expressions game, and the first two Street Fighter games.

This game does not fit with the regular Mega Man Universe that was started with the classic series going up to the Legends. It can be thought of as an alternate universe where Dr. Wily didn’t steal Dr. Light’s robots. Even more so, it could be considered a matter of them not being built. It also should be pointed out that for some reason his name was spelt as Dr. Wiley. As far as why, it’s a good question.

In this game, Mega Man has to stop the evil Dr. Wiley from taking over the world using CRORQ. He didn’t steal Guts Man or any of the others since they were part of the game. It is a standard game in that respect.

There is no music actually, which is a shame. When you think of the Mega Man games, they had something that would be utilized as background music. For some reason, it was not implemented. Maybe it had something to do with hardware incompatibility or possibly even someone not knowing how to do, which is possible. There are sound effects at the very least but not much in the way of sound.

It is a really short game. The first stage is an introduction stage that has no boss at the end. It is similar to later games like Mega Man 7 on the Classic series of having an introduction stage that has to be played right away and also one that’s a staple for the Mega Man X series. After completing the stage, there are three robot masters. Completing those leads to Dr. Wiley’s palace and then eventually fighting him in two forms. First is the CRORQ machine and then the final battle begins.

The gameplay is like a Mega Man game but depending upon your computer, you may have to slow it down. When it starts, it can go really fast and make it much harder to control. To slow it down, it would have to be F2 that would need to be pushed.

The game itself wasn’t anything to write about. It really tried to look like a Mega Man but it felt so artificial. Then again, maybe DOS couldn’t handle more. It was an attempt but just leaves a lot to be desired. It wouldn’t be a recommended game from that franchise. Even if you can find the game, it is not likely to work on newer systems without the use of a DOS emulator.