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Video game reviews: Mega Man III PC

Mega Man III on PC


Mega Man III is a game that was on the PC and somehow was the direct sequal to the Mega Man game on PC. As for why there isn’t a Mega Man II, it is hard to say. Much like it, it was not created by Capcom but just licensed. The company that made it also made the first one but it is a little bit different in terms of how many levels.

The plot is essentially Dr. Wiley is trying to take over the world after being defeated by Mega Man. It is virtually identical except for the part about revenge. He still has the plans for the CRORQ and is going to use it as one way to conquer the world but that’s about all there is to it. It is a game that had an inconsistency being with the name Wiley as it is known as Dr. Wily but not this one.

Unlike the first game, there is no introduction stage. It goes directly to the robot masters. There are six in total much like Mega Man on the NES. Each of which have their own stages and does have that feel of a Mega Man game as it is probably one of the only qualities that actually can be classified as decent.

The graphics look virtually identical to the very first Mega Man game on PC. It is almost as if it was a direct clone but that’s about all that can be said. It doesn’t make the game at all.

The game has to be slowed down I order to play properly. At least, it can be that way depending upon the computer of course. Push the F2 button and it should it down enough to where it can be played at a normal rate. Of course, this may not make a difference on another computer but it does come in handy.

Mega Man III on PC was okay at best. It’s not a game that would be recommended but it’s like there could have been some more done with it. This may have been the best that Hi-Tech Expressions could do but some of the robot masters were really easy. The patterns in fighting are almost virtually identical that other than having their weakness, it’s like the same type of boss fight. It doesn’t seem too fun or challenging but it is what it is.