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Video game reviews: Mega Man & Bass

Mega Man & Bass


Mega Man and Bass is a game that was originally released on the Super Famicom in Japan and did not see an immediate North American release until years later with the Game Boy Advance. It is a direct sequel following the events of Mega Man 8. It could be considered Mega Man 8.5 since there was a Mega Man 9 created for download whether it’s for WiiWare, Xbox Live Arcade, or PlayStation Network. This one followed the tradition of being different than the rest of the games.

In regards to its plot, after the events of Mega Man 8, Dr. Wily would build a new robot known as King. It is not known at the time but can be presumed considering that Dr. Wily is generally the final villain in the Mega Man Classic games. He is out once again to try to take over the world. In the game itself, King is trying to rally the robots and has robots of his own to command. There are six new ones plus a returning Tengu Man and Astro Man. The plot is much like any other Mega Man game for the time being.

When it comes to graphics, it does have the look of what it would be if it were released on the Super Nintendo. There is not much to really complain about but graphics aren’t the most important element in a game.

The gameplay consisted of being able to play as either Mega Man or Bass. It is, in a sense, like Mega Man X4 since the only options were to play as either Mega Man X or Zero. Though they each have different endings, it is the same way. Both have different abilities that can be utilized. The common factor is that they both can obtain the powers of the robot masters that were defeated.

With Mega Man, he has the ability to do a charged shot and also be able to slide as well. It had been the standard of Mega Man since Mega Man 4 allowed both options to come into existence. Bass, on the other hand, can perform the double jump and shoot in all directions.

It should be mentioned that there are 100 CDs to obtain but not required. Some can be collected by either Mega Man or Bass exclusive. If you can somehow get them all, nothing special will happen. It’s a bit of a shame but not bad for someone who wants to try to complete the game 100%.

One final object that has to be taken into account is the fact that you cannot fight them all in a stage select initially. There will be a few to select and once they are beaten, a new path is created to other robot masters. It is a bit different than its predecessors Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8. Eventually, there are the stages to battle King and then eventually Dr. Wily.

Overall, it is a fun game to play and would be worth playing. If you liked the Mega Man games, this is not one that would be considered a disappointment. You can find this on the Game Boy Advance and if you still have that or a regular DS, you can play it that way unless they decide to eventually put it on the Virtual Console.

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