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Video game reviews: Hugo's House of Horror

Hugo's House of Horror


Hugo’s House of Horrors was a game created on the computer. It was compatible with DOS, an old system that no longer is used today. In order to play something such as this, the best shot would have to be through the form of a DOS emulator. Even then, there is no guarantee as it will depend on your own computer. It was the type of game that involved typing and also controlling the character.

In this game, the plot is that Penelope had gone to the house to babysit but it was a trap. Hugo has to rescue her and that’s about all that can truly be said about the game itself. It was a rather simple plot. Much like games that had involved rescuing someone important, this was no different.

The genre was more along the lines of adventure but also had typing in commands to obtain items that are going to be needed. All that would be needed would be to type in a phrase an answer would immediately show up. Use the arrow keys to go in any direction. It is horror themed as it seems to be based around Halloween characteristics.

The gameplay involves using the arrows and typing in commands. It seems simple enough to understand in terms of the type of gameplay it is. It is responsive as long as the keyboard is working. Other than that, there really isn’t much that could be added or said about it.

It also involves some problem solving. There is a mask to be obtained and different items to collect. All you have to do is type in the command to take them and that’s about all that can be said. Make sure to collect all items as necessary.

After the beginning, there isn’t much else in the way of music. The only other time seems to be when there is a dog that is coming after Hugo and unless the steak is thrown, the dog is going to attack.

Overall, the game is ok. It’s not going to win awards for originality but it’s a fun little challenge at first. It’s mainly for someone who would enjoy older games that would have you walk and also be able to type in commands. It doesn’t show the action being done but at least it acknowledges that it was. It is unlikely to find this game at a store as it is rare and besides most computers probably wouldn’t play it on a normal convention. As mentioned in the beginning, the best bet would be the DOS emulator.