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Video game reviews: Castlevania Lords of Shadow Collection

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection


The Lords of Shadow series has only three official games but one collection. The review is going to be focused clearly on the collection. The version that is being reviewed is going to be the one for the Xbox 360. It is the game that can get you started. It was previewed as it was a collection.

If you are familiar with the plot of Lords of Shadow, there really isn’t much else that could be added to it from that viewpoint. There is a plot that extends beyond the first game if you didn’t get the downloadable content beforehand with Reverie and Resurrection.

The plot for Reverie is that Gabriel had succeeded but had been a broken man. He heard the call from Laura from the castle to come back. Though he didn’t care about the world anymore since he could not resurrect his wife Marie, he was forced into action. A monster known as The Forgotten One was being released and Gabriel was the only one that had the potential to stop him.

As for Resurrection, it follows up the events as Gabriel had become darker and was becoming more like a vampire. It was not fully seen just yet. He went in for the purpose of fighting and destroying The Forgotten One, whom is trying to break free and cause chaos in the world for being banned by The Brotherhood of Light.

To summarize up Mirror of Fate HD, it would be described as a story of the destiny of the Belmont clan fighting The Dragon himself. It shows from different eras that existed from Gabriel Belmont all the way to Simon Belmont in a chronological sense. It should be mentioned that it is done that way as it is going backwards in time showing how all the events tie in together. There is a review for the game.

The gameplay for both of them would be about the same. If you have everything maxed out such as the life bar, light magic, and shadow magic, it will help you out. All the abilities and skills that were obtained are there for you to use if they have all been obtained.

In order to obtain these two plus the other content such as the Lords of Shadow 2 demo and the Mirror of Fate HD, there will be a code given as they have to be downloaded. Once the codes have been put in, just download it and give it time and it will eventually finish up. Afterwards, you can begin playing. It should be mentioned that with Reverie and Resurrection, you’ll have to complete the game in order to access them. The other ones can be easily accessed.

The Collection is really good for the Lords of Shadow fans. It would be recommended to them the most and maybe anyone who likes Castlevania in general. It does retell the story but think of it as a setting in another universe.

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