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Victorinox’s Werks Traveler 4.0 WT 24 Expandable Upright: Travel Essential!

Victorinox’s Werks Traveler 4.0 WT 24 Expandable Upright


After several months of recent interviews, this author feels like a professional traveler that has learned a few rules regarding suitcases:

Travel Essential!
Brian Hart

• Size – a larger suitcase is needed so as to fit both interview essentials (e.g., suit, collar stays, lint brush) plus casual clothing
• Number of Bags – if possible, a single suitcase is ideally both time and cost effective
• Mobility – wheels are essential for limiting the amount of lifting as well as preserving one’s spinal column

These three qualities co-exist in Victorinox’s Werks Traveler 4.0 WT 24 Expandable Upright luggage (MSRP $620).

This luggage’s weight is just over 9 lbs and approximate dimensions are 24” tall x 18.5” wide x 12” deep. According to Victorinox, after opening the expansion with a single zipper, this suitcase grows roughly 3” in depth.

Moreover, the exterior is made of ballistic nylon and the model reviewed is black with black trim. The WT 24 Expandable Upright suitcase is also available in emerald with black as well as red with black.

The front of the suitcases houses two exterior, dual-zippered compartments. The first and uppermost has an approximately depth of 8” and width of 16.” This area is intended to hold travel documents for quick and easy access. The second, lower section is u-shaped and significantly larger (roughly 20” deep x 16 inches wide).

These compartments contain the built-in, adjustable straps for Victorinox’s Never-Lost Attach-a-Bag Strap (up to 30 lbs.) and SimpleStrap Bag System, respectively, so as to secure additional backpacks or luggage to this suitcase.

The WT 24 Expandable Upright has two rubberized handles (i.e., on the top and right side of the case) that extend and retract. The former action aids with the comfort of carrying the suitcase, while the latter assists with protecting the handles during transport. The bottom, plastic feet are also molded into an additional handhold.

This suitcase rolls via two rear mounted wheels and is guided via a monopole (5 cm at its thickest). Adeptly, Victorinox purposely built the telescoping monopole to be curved when deployed. This design feature made pulling a fully packed suitcase easy and also decreased the likelihood that the back wheels caught one’s shoes. The rubberized t-handle atop the monopole is both comfortable to hold as well as making the navigation of this suitcase a pleasure. Plus, an exceptionally noteworthy point is the perfect fluidity and smoothness when telescoping the monopole (i.e., a quality that other luggage manufacturers have clearly not perfected, as demonstrated by my previous suitcase).

Interestingly, just in front of the monopole, is a red, plastic accent piece featuring a half-circle cutout. Pulling straight up on this piece reveals an identification tray for one’s name, phone, address, etc. Again, much like the design of the two handles, the placement of this tag is to provide a secure location during transit of the bag.

On a similar topic, a Travel Sentry Approved luggage lock is included with purchase. This lock allows Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials to open this lock during screening and then afterwards to re-lock the luggage. Therefore, such a lock is helpful for preventing an opportunistic thief, while still complying with TSA’s requirements.

The interior of this suitcase is accessed via dual zippers and is lined with a grey material with black and red accents. The top of this bag features a zippered, mesh bag that may be used for toiletries. The main interior space is amazingly cavernous and includes compression straps for holding down one’s contents. On the interior of the suitcases’ door is a larger mesh pocket as well as a garment suiter.

This aforementioned device is a major highlight of the WT 24 Expandable Upright, as it reduces wrinkles in packed clothing (i.e., especially with a suit and dress shirt). The garment suiter’s padded bumpers prevent clothing from enduring severe folds when packed. During his travels, this author was impressed with how well this device preserved his professional wear. Lastly, when not needed, the garment suiter fully detaches from the WT 24 Expandable Upright via two buckle closures and a strip of Velcro.

Victorinox is well-known for their legacy of quality products, such as creating the Swiss Army knife for 123 years. While Victorinox has only manufactured luggage for 15 years, their line of luggage is no exception and does not disappoint in either design or implementation. The Werks Traveler 4.0 WT 24 Expandable Upright has been highly durable and protective of its contents. Ultimately, Victorinox’s luggage made this author’s traditionally strenuous travels impressively effortless and he would recommend their suitcases, backpacks, or messenger bags for your next adventure.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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