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'Vice Versa (1988)' Movie Review: Be happy with who you are

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'Vice Versa (1988)'


Marshall (Judge Reinhold) has just returned from a business trip abroad. He has brought back some items to show at a meeting but one of the packages gets switched with another passengers. Tina (Swoosie Kurtz) gets a hold of Marshall to let him know what has happened and to see when they can swap packages. You see Tina and her partner Turk (David Proval) are smugglers. Marshall sets up the meeting for the next day and takes the package home for safekeeping. Now Marshall's son Charlie (Fred Savage) is coming over to stay for a few days while his mom Robyn (Jane Kaczmarek) goes on vacation. Marshall and Charlie get into an argument and both wish they could be each other. Unfortunately they are both holding a skull that was in Tina's box at the time and they actually switch places. Now what makes this a problem is that they both have to go to school and work the next day. Now for Marshall this wouldn't be such a big problem as he has been a kid before but for Charlie this is going to be a big problem.

The two do go off to each others school and work and this is where the fun begins. You see Marshall's girlfriend Sam (Corinne Bohrer) is not happy the way their relationship is going. This makes it kind of difficult for Charlie since he has never even kissed a girl let alone have a girlfriend. The two survive the first day but after that you have major problems starting to take place.

The two realize that it was the skull that transferred them into each others bodies but they don't know how to turn back and Tina and Turk are doing what they can to get the skull back. This is where it really takes off and this film becomes hilarious. The comedy is well done and the acting is excellent.

Director Brian Gilbert does an excellent job bringing this cast together and giving us one enjoyable film. If you haven't seen it before then I suggest you do. If you can find it on DVD then by all means get a copy and put it in your library. So take the time to watch one great comedy and by all means enjoy it.