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VH1 You Oughta Know Artist Russell Taylor Returns with HOPE

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HOPE by VH1 You Oughta Know Artist Russell Taylor


Recording artist Russell Taylor first came to the attention of many when we was chosen over 400 artists in VH1's first ever crowdsourced contest for the title of "You Oughta Know" artist for the month of December in 2013. His single WAR OF HEARTS became a part of our lives, setting the stage for even more buzz around his album by the same name.

Taylor has now released his new single HOPE, and it once again is sure to earn him the attention he deserves as an artist with an amazing gift.

"There's no light inside a broken heart," he sings in the single, showing what many feel when a relationship ends or loneliness sets in. "Close the door I did to rest inside the dark. I thought there'd be no hope for the daylight...then love came and rushed in...", and it's "us against the world."

Hope is a beautiful thing, especially when you thought that your best days were behind you. When someone reminds you of your own worth and allows you to see that you can find the courage to love again it definitely feels like a breath of fresh air. Taylor says in the song that he felt "lost in space" at one point, but now that love has returned it "gave new life" to him. No matter what else might happen he knows they have the moment. "We have this" he sings. And that is what we can all remember. As long as there is breath in our bodies we have hope.

Stay connected with Russell Taylor online at His single HOPE is available on Amazon here.