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Vertigo’s The Wake Part One review

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The Wake Part One


Vertigo is known for delivering some of strange and outrageous titles that bring some of the best and strange stories around to life. Creators Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy have teamed up to bring a new title to Vertigo called The Wake. Now Vertigo has brought the first fives issues together in one collection titled The Wake Part One.

The series follows a secret, underwater oil rig called the “Ghost Rig” filled with roughnecks and scientists on the brink of an incredible discovery. But when things go horribly wrong, this scientific safe haven will turn into a house of horrors at the bottom of the ocean! Unlike most standard comic series this one uses the slow build technique to tell this horror –esque tale. Snyder has once again crafted an interesting story with depth that keeps you guessing to where it is going and what is going to happen along the way. Sean Murphy’s artwork is rough and works perfectly for this story. His artwork is reminiscent of Howard Chaykin with a grittier style that uses some creative and traditional page formats to deliver a great looking book. This story starts off small, but quickly grows to something bigger and more epic. The creature designs have an old school feel to them that gives the book a vibe like some creature feature of the 70s.

This is a unique cool series that could easily translate into a cool monster flick. These first five issues set the tone from where the series starts and where it is heading into some sort of post-apocalyptic world that is sure to bring even more creatures and mystery than before.

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