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Vertical Living: Interior experiences by yoo book review

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Vertical Living: Interior Experiences by yoo, by Dominic Bradbury and John Hitchcox


Vertical Living: Interior Experiences by yoo by Dominic Bradbury and John Hitchcox

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One key phrase that echoes throughout the book Vertical Living is this said by design-based property developer, John Hitchcox: “It’s about wanting to be with a group of like-minded people.” And who doesn’t hope for that? Apparently, people who inhabit yoo designed buildings in London, Hong Kong, New York or Mumbai are the lucky ones. For this is the stuff of high-end dreams.

Some things that came to mind as I perused this book were: bold focal points, overly larger-than-life chandeliers (ones that would make Alice in Wonderful need the 'Drink Me' bottle for growth). These buildings have expansive outdoor spaces with water as a design element and each has an ethereal feel. This is how the other half—no, in today’s economy we would have to say the 1%, how they live. The very rich.

There are grand entrances indeed; minimalism bolstered by dramatic lighting, smooth sleek floor surfaces (much marble), and embossed textures—whether on the walls or artful, 3-dimensional installations like the snow white trees forming ribbons against shiny silver walls.

Everywhere there are mirrored, reflective surfaces (you would hope to be content with seeing your reflection) and these reflective surfaces may have a myriad of squares or etched diamond patterns. On page 37, the longest bespoke banquet-style sofa I’ve ever seen and the sheer expansiveness and dream-like walls and sheers (curtains); and the additions of mirror always create a stage.

In this book too, are interviews with perhaps Philippe Starck, designer Kelly Hoppen and Marcel Wanders—Wanders is a new International designer to me and one of which now, I will follow.

If you like modern, you will love the eclectic community areas: lounges, the libraries—standard amenities in yoo buildings, I’m told. The yoo aesthetic also makes room for social game and video areas for children. (Oh, can I still be adopted?)

This complex examination of Vertical Living is an adventure for the eye and even if you don’t have access, there is much to be learned here.

Vertical Living: Interior Experiences by yoo, by Dominic Bradbury and John Hitchcox, Thames & Hudson publishers, distributed by W.W.Norton and Penguin in Canada; ISBN: 978-0-500-51735-2. Retails for $34.95