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Vertex Skybar

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Vertex Skybar Rapid City, South Dakota


She is baaaaccckkk! The "thought-he-was-the-ONE" Mr. Jenn turned out to not be the ONE at all. No. But that is a different article for a different day! After a long, too long, break Jennifer is back on the scene!

Jennifer ventured out on the town with a very potential Mr. Jenn (now that her sights are set higher and are more clear) this Saturday night. Meeting at the Alex Johnson Hotel in Rapid City, South Dakota, Jenn and her date ventured up the elevator to the top floor. As a side note, this is a membership only bar. You must have a card to swipe in the elevator to access this exclusive bar. Membership is $250.00 for a full year and has many side perks. Although they have amazing food, as known from a previous visit, we did not eat this time.

Upon exiting the elevator you are greeted by a maitre' d that insures you have been there before and if not, they will show you the many levels of this skybar. We have been here so we quickly made our way to the bar and after looking at the extensive wine list (for him - not for Jenn. Spirits only for this girl!), he decided on an Antioxidant Mojito made with fresh raspberries and pomegranates. Jennifer ordered her new favorite drink - Pama with a splash of 7UP and an orange slice twisted. (AMAZING!!) We sat at the bar and watched hockey for a few minutes and then went up the stairs to view the city lights from just under the Alex Johnson Hotel sign.

Amazing views! 360 degrees - panoramic. There is a beautiful fire pit center on the top level (11 stories up!). Truly an amazing experience. The upper level is completely surrounded by glass to truly give you a look of the city like no other!

Although the drinks are more expensive than downstairs in the very fun Paddy O'NeillsPub, the view makes it worth it!

I would recommend this exclusive bar to anyone, hands down. And the potential Mr. Jenn as well - but hands off. He is mine for now.