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VERSASUITE: The New Kid on the eHR Block!

Support for iPad, Android, Windows, and Blackberry
Support for iPad, Android, Windows, and Blackberry

VersaSuite eHR Software


Electronic Health Records

As technology continues to follow its neverending trend of evolving overnight, sometimes we lose focus of technological advancements made on things other than iPhones and other gadgets. Well, one such field that may get overlooked is the management of medical records. May not be all that important to the average consumer, but to a ton of medical practitioners, it is the fine line between order and chaos. The software behind the medical talent is what manages an entire practice.

Software to Get the Job Done

With all the new advances in technology, management of databases and resources can be quite simple and surprisingly portable. When you go in for a dental exam, you get your x-rays, see the dentist, grab some prescriptions, and tackle the day without looking back. Behind the scenes, the dentist needs something to manage that appointment, make sure an exam room is available, make sure the equipment to handle the exam is available, store the images, manage prescriptions, etc... The list could go on forever! Well, lucky for the good dentist, there is software made especially for such occasions to make the workflow simple and organized. This software is what they use all over the world to help medical practioners run there practices smoothly.


VersaSuite, the intelligent EHR, is the only end-to-end inpatient and outpatient EHR, HIS, and PM system that requires no integration. Everything inherently communicates because every function and module is part of a unified code-set, and all of the data resides in a single database. VersaSuite provides a suite of modules that automate every hospital function from admission to discharge. The great part is that it can be individually tailored to fit any medical practice. Developers work individually with medical practitioners to make sure their practice flows how THEY want it to flow, and not like every other practice in the country. This connection makes the client relationship built within VersaSuite invaluable!