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'Veronica Mars' movie review: The super sleuth is back

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Veronica Mars


Veronica Mars is back! The teenage super sleuth has grown up and established a herself as a top law prospect in New York City with a successful relationship, but it's not long before she is pulled back to Neptune. The film brings an end to the story that spanned three television seasons before being canceled, only to be resurrected ten years later in a record breaking Kickstarter campaign.

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Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) was been accused on murdering his former girlfriend, pop singer Bonnie Deville (real name Carrie Bishop) and calls Veronica (Kristen Bell) for help. Veronica is interviewing at law firms but she hops on the plane and helps Logan interview lawyers to represent him.

She meets up with Wallace and Mac and they discuss their new lives and whether or not to go to their ten year high school reunion. Veronica's sleuth skills are rusty at first, but she quickly makes new friends and investigates Carrie's death on the idea that Logan was framed.

Veronica actually discovers that the mystery goes back almost ten years and a potential cover up is taking place. The town of Neptune has also become much more corrupt over time and the police are as useless as ever. Veronica is once again facing an uphill battle to get the truth.

Veronica is convinced by Wallace and Mac to attend the reunion, which includes run ins with fan favorite characters like Madison, Weevil, Gia Goodman, Corny and more. The puzzle pieces of the crime begin to fall into place, and Veronica watches the former popular kids to get he evidence she needs to help Logan.

The second half of the film is pretty much a rehashing of the process of Veronica solving the Lily Kane murder, with the result being completely unexpected and will not disappoint anyone who is a fan of the series. The film is worth watching just for some of the cameo appearances, some of whom have appeared on the series and at least one hasn't.

Rob Thomas has managed to bring back the witty, compelling story and characters that fans learned to love over three seasons. The film should be watched multiple times just to get all the dialogue snippets and jokes that are throw backs to the series and what was planned for the characters. Overall, the film is a success for marshmallows everywhere, and even people who have never seen the series will enjoy the film but may not get all the jokes and tidbits.

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