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Veritas Cosmetics,by Mob Wife Love Majewski

Veritas Cosmetics by Love
Veritas Cosmetics by Love
Veritas Cosmetics

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In Roman mythology VERITAS is the goddess of truth, noted for her striking youthful beauty. According to the myth, she was so elusive that she lived at the bottom of a holy well atop a hillside outside Rome. The Romans believed that if you approached the well with honesty in your heart, VERITAS would reveal to you the secrets of your inner beauty.
That’s the philosophy of VERITAS COSMETICS – “Truth in Beauty”. It’s about revealing your innermost beauty by accentuating your best features and drawing the focus towards them.

Veritas, makeup, Love Majewski, face, eyes, lips, beauty
veritas, Love Majewski, cosmetics, face, eyes, lips, makeup, Gina Leon

The VERITAS philosophy starts with truth in skincare.~NO expensive creams,NO harsh chemicals, NO separate creams for eye,face,throat & décolletage,NO false claims of being all natural or organic.Just pure botanical skincare.The truth revealed 94% natural botanicals like: Pure Shea Butter,Chamomile,Japanese green tea,Aloe,Mango,Essential oils,Coconut cream & Sugar beets to name a few..

VERITAS products have features rarely before combined in the world of cosmetics:

~ Veritas foundations contain wheat germ & Vitamin E improving elasticity & healing as you camouflage blemishes &discolorations.

~Veritas signature product is the temporary tattoo gel eyeliner an finally an eyeliner that won't smudge,run,smear,flake,cake or crumble! So strong yet so simple using your favorite fine lining brush, gently stroke across your lash line now you have a few seconds to refine the line as the pigment sets onto your skin & Voila ! that line will enhance your eyes for up to 3 days unless you remove it with a waterproof eye make up remover.
~Lip colors that last all day! Vanilla bean extracts & Cocoa powder make every kiss deliciously unforgettable while Vitamin E keeps lips supple and moist. NO plumping,NO exfoliating,NO acids to irritate the lip & make it appear larger just true ingredients to keep lips looking luscious.
~Verutas eyeshadows have cream like emollients baked into rich pigments so that powder shadows stay true to color and wont dry or crease through out the day like shadows made of compressed powder that give a chalky finish and leave your under eyes looking dusty.
~Brushes made of only the finest quality materials including sable, so that every implement that touches your face is as delicate as your skin and leaves a smooth flawless finish,While brushes that require daily washing as foundation,concealer & eyeliner brushes are constructed of sturdy synthetics so not to lose hairs and shed during shampooing.

These are just a few of the beauty truths you can learn with VERITAS.

Love Majewski :
Licensed Cosmetologist & Celebrity MakeUp Artist Love is the visionary behind Veritas cosmetics.As young as age 17 her desire to create took her to NYC & began her training with Estee Lauder from there she moved onto Chanel Couture where she did her first celebrity makeovers & began building her reputation.A unique style & loyal following led Sak's 5th ave. to grant Ms.Majewski the honor of launching Cle' de Peau Beaute' in 2001;Which at that time was the most exclusive & expensive cosmetic Sak's had ever offered the public.Holding such a prestigious position meant she would train with the legendary Stephan Marais.Soon her celebrity clientelle grew to include (30 rock's)Elaine Stritch, The late Natasha Richardson,Winona Ryder,Jennifer Love Hewitt,Finola Hughes,Foxy Brown,Donna Summer,Lenny Kravitz,Eddie Cibrian,Glenn Close & the late George Carlin.Her travels took her to France,Italy,Israel & the United Kingdom.Gaining recognition for her success & application techniques (the touchless makeover).She was approached by Kanebo & offered the challenge of selling the most expensive skincare in the world! This would mean leaving her beloved team at Sak's & mastering the art of Shiatsu facial massage,reflexology & learning japanese customs & application techniques;Ever hungry for knowledge she accepted the position & went on to work with many more celebrities & designers including Sharon Osbourne & Stella McCartney,During this time Ms.Love would fly the Concorde regularly to Europe.Rome,Paris,London, Madrid,Barcelona,Venice&Knightsbridge all of these wonderful experiences contribute to the vision that would later become known as VERITAS.

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