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Venus Embrace for Sensitive Skin

Venus Embrace Razor for Sensitive skin


At the beginning of this month I received a VoxBox with the Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin razor. This razor is specially made for people with sensitive skin. The purpose of this product is to reduce redness, irritation, itchiness, razor burn and dryness. The blade has a aloe vera coat strip for moisture as well.

I loved the packaging of the product and the colors it came in. I will point out that I am a sucker for packaging. If it is pretty, I will buy it.

The razor itself is not difficult to assemble. It already comes with a razor blade attached and there is a refill that comes with it. They are easy to remove and reattach. It also has a nice grip to it and you can shave holding it comfortably.

I will say that I still experienced some razor burn after using the razor. I may try to use a shaving cream next time, since I only used DOVE bar of soap. I did not have any redness or irritation. I also have very dry skin- especially in the wintertime- and the aloe vera strip didn't really do much for me.

Overall I like this product but would not re-purchase it [unless it was on clearance].