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Vegeria vegan restaurant - Organic fresh local and love infused

Vegan gluten free awesomeness
Vegan gluten free awesomeness

Vegeria Vegan Restaurant


Have you been looking for some extremely delicious food that just happens to be good for you at the same time? How about gooey nachos, tasty burgers and flavorful enchiladas? If these sound good then grab your love and head out to...(drum roll please)

Vegeria vegan restaurant, San Antonio’s all vegan and gluten free establishment. Organic fresh local and love infused.

At Vegeria you will find decadent smoothies, savory salads, and a fresh bakery creating gluten free and vegan masterpieces daily.

On Saturdays from 11-8:30 pm there is a buffet which is a celebration of both flavor and color, who knew nachos could be this good and that cauliflower soup could be this scrumptious! What makes this buffet so extra special is that they buy the ingredients at local farmer's markets just hours before preparing them. You can taste the freshness in every bite.

Here is what the owner has to say...Check this out…

“We're doing everything we can to buy ethical, organic, and local produce and products. We pay close attention not to buy foods that are chemically and or genetically modified.

We believe real food comes from loving hands not conveyor belts. Good food happens when soil is cared for and loved. When farmers loving plant beautiful crops, and sun and rain come to our aid. Good food happens when people bring talent, and hard work to the table. The food we create is not just food. We create art, passion love and nourishment.”
– Fredanthony Garza –Owner/Chef/Founder

So where do you find this little food oasis? Vegeria is tucked inside a bookstore at 8407 Broadway, although easy to miss be sure not to pass this one up! Even if your mate isn't into 'healthy food' they won't believe how fabulous a vegan meal can be. You both won’t be disappointed, only saddened when it’s over and hungry for more.

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