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Vaseline- The $2.00 Beauty Miracle

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Vaseline petroleum jelly


The quality of a product is very important. Want to invest in a beauty product that can stand the test of time, remain cost-effective, and work wonders in more than one area of your beauty regimen. Well it's here; not to mention its been around since the late 1800's. How ironic! Say hello to Vaseline.

If you are an avid user of this product; we are here to inform you about the full benefits of your investment. Vaseline is underrated, under appreciated, under priced, and under the radar. To date; there are over 200 ways in which Vaseline can be used in the beauty world. This information is according to celebrity make-up artist, hair stylist, beauty experts and more. Vaseline is simply a $2.00 miracle in a jar.

Some benefits of Vaseline include:

1. Split ends- (just rub Vaseline on the tips of your hair and it will sleek those split ends down)

2. Eyelashes- (Did you know Vaseline helps grow your eyelashes, fuller and thicker? Put a coat on your lashes before you go to bed. Beauty experts swear by this.)

3. Cuticles- (Vaseline moisturizes your cuticles if you add several times a day it will do wonders!)

4. Hands, feet, elbows, knees- (Vaseline keeps these areas of your body soft and sealed with moisture)

5. Cheeks- (Create a dewey shiny glow on your cheeks, by swiping Vaseline in a 90 degree angle on each cheek)

6. Your scent-( Any scent you choose , make it last longer by applying a thin layers of Vaseline on the area and then proceed to spray your scent. We do this all the time!)

7. Kissable Lips- (Add a pre- layer before applying that matte, it will last longer. Bonus: swipe vaseline on your teeth to prevent lipstick smear on your teeth)

8. Exfoliate- (Mix Vaseline with sea salt and exfoliate your skin while in the shower. You will come out with soft and glowing skin)

Get some Vaseline in your life!