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Vampires hunt for blood and glory in 'Kiss of Death'

Kiss of Death #2, by Debbie Viguie
Kiss of Death #2, by Debbie Viguie
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Kiss of Death


The cursed ones.

"Vampirism was a curse bestowed only upon the most evil so that they could live long enough to understand the horror of their crimes..."(89)

So is the premise of Debbie Viguie's Kiss Trilogy. Vampires are cursed ones who have done crimes and now must walk the earth in darkness thirsting for blood and avoiding fire and the sun. To learn more about the first book, you may want to jump over to Kiss of Night review. Kiss of Death proved to be just as passionate and action driven as the first book and even the flashbacks were tasty morsels of excitement and that is rare.

Susan's journey continues.

It is Prague, the present day and Susan has to learn the mystery of her cross necklace with the help of a few vampires: Raphael, Paul the Priest, and Gabriel. However, the situation will not be easy considering that Richelieu, "the evil king of vampires" is after something critically important and it could make him stronger and more of a killing machine. Just what is it?

Meanwhile, Gabriel leaves a diary with Susan, that used to be Carissa's; one of her distant ancestors. But what does Carissa have to do with anything and how did Gabriel get a hold of a diary Susan can't read? It is in French so she gets her cousin Wendy to translate and what they learn will change what they know of their own family and even the fate of the world.

Powerful vampire allies.

In much of today's fiction we see vampires in love, vampires as kind and vampires as those who deserve an honorable death. However, in Viguie's Kiss trilogy, vampires are wicked and in Kiss of Death they are after something biblical, something holy, and life changing. Raphael, Gabriel and Paul are the only three vampires who actually have a good, moral constitution even though they must still feed off of blood. But they are helpful to Susan. And just like in the first book, she has strong feelings for Raphael, but does he feel the same way for her even though he is a monster?

A dark and glorious story which will continue.

Given what happens at the end of the book there will definitely be a continuation. Yet the entire story sweeps you away to Prague, Bryas, Spain all over and you are cast under Viguie's spellbinding rogues and vamps and crusaders.

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Book Details:

Kiss of Death by Debie Viguie

PublishedL FaithWords(2012)

ISBN: 978-1-4555-1801-2

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  • Kiss of Night(Book 1)
  • Kiss of Revenge(Book 3)
  • Kiss of Life(short story)

*All her books can be found at or

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