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Vampire Lesbians of Sodom

Robert Molossi and Tess Bellomo

live theatre


This surprising play is best viewed as a contest among the actors to be the best female-impersonator. Top awards go to Tess Bellomo, Robert Molossi and Hayley Nystrom. Charles Busch, the author, was a recognized master of the art.

Don’t expect character-development from its C-movie plot. Characters are thin, all the more so as they change identities, centuries and continents. The point is to express the entire catalog of the mannerisms of exaggerated conventional femininity. In one scene. Hayley Nystrom switches between Betty Boop and a gravelly-voiced woman ready to claw out of you whatever she wants.

Directed by Dale Albright and choreographed by Lisa Bush Finn.

Virago Theatre Company performs Vampire Lesbians along with the short play Sleeping Beauty or Coma at the Live Oak Theatre, 1301 Shattuck, Berkeley CA until April 29th, 2014.