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V is the most polished album yet

Maroon 5 is at their best on V
Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images

V by Maroon 5


Maroon 5 has released their best album to date today entitled V. When the band debuted in 2002, Songs About Jane was an epic album. But after more than a decade, we all expect more. 2012's Overexposed was a great album for the most part, but it was still lacking. V, is over the top amazing note for note. While none of Maroon 5's albums were exactly a disappointment, V is completely polished. Every track is seemingly perfect. "My Heart is Open", featuring Gwen Stefani is sure to be a huge hit. We'll wait until The Voice premieres in a week for the two star studded judges to break out with this surefire hit song. The band's cover of "Sex and Candy" will make you want sex, candy, or perhaps both, with Adam Levine's smooth vocals. Tracks like "Leaving California" and "Coming Back for You" are heartfelt and deeper than many of the lyrics we have seen from Maroon 5 on previous albums. The other side of V is very soulful with great beats that will have you singing for days like that on "It Was Always You," and "Feelings." Maroon 5 took risks on this album, and the reward in sound is phenomenal.

If you don't have V in your music library currently, you need it. If you have one of any of Maroon 5's other four albums, you will be pleasantly surprised. You can hear the distinct "Maroon 5 sound" on V, but it's a new sound that tells us after more than a decade, the band has finally pinned down the perfect sound.