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V. C. Andrews' THE UNWELCOMED CHILD is a welcomed addition to the franchise

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THE UNWELCOMED CHILD by author V. C. Andrews


For over 20 years I have enjoyed books by bestselling author V. C. Andrews. Though dark and sometimes sinister, her story-lines seem to always be introducing us not just to the worst of mankind but the best of us as well. THE UNWELCOMED CHILD is no different.

The book introduces us to Elle Edwards, a young girl who has to deal with the fact that her very existence is something that is not just frowned upon but feared. Through the teachings of her grandparents she is made to feel less than, unworthy of love and happiness. Instead of showering her with love, they use their own belief systems to brainwash her against her own self.

Like so many V. C. Andrews novels before it THE UNWELCOMED CHILD is all about innocence betrayed. Elle is able to find escape, however, through her artistic gifts and her friends Mason and Claudine. Through them she is able to better understand the truth. "I was created in a world of deceit," she tells us through the book's pages. "I was taught that I was a child of darkness." Through her friendship with Mason and Claudine she is able to understand that she is so much more than what others say. "Don't let anyone put you down," Claudine told Elle---and it is words like that that help the unwelcomed child to find her place.

Once again V. C. Andrews delivers a tale that is full of life and shares the hope that we all have the power to experience.

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