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USPS mobile at CES 2012

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USPS mobile device


This week at CES 2012 United States Postal Service announced ways to track packages by your mobile phone.

One can get the app or use a mobile browser to obtain access to Then with a mobile phone you can find a post office or an automated postal center or collection box, look up zip codes from your current location or any U.S. address, calculate price, schedule pickup, order supplies, scan labels and check the status of your package. The mobile devices that can be used to track and confirm shipments the Iphone, Android and Blackberry.

The independent agency of the United States government the United States Postal Service (USPS) is the largest distribution network in the world and delivers 40 percent of the world's mail. Last year USPS announced a need to cut $3 billion by eliminating their 40 year old first-class delivery and drop Saturday delivery.

The USP has entered the digital age with this mobile tracking technology and is using an individual or combination of RFID and GPS systems to ensure seamless end-to-end package tracking to the customer via a wireless or mobile phone networks.