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Urban Halo for women on-the-go

Urban Halos can be worn a variety of ways and are available in a variety of styles
Urban Halos can be worn a variety of ways and are available in a variety of stylesUrban Halo

Urban Halos


In theory headbands are a great idea; they keep your hair off your face, are a quick fix on bad hair day, and they keep sweat out of your eyes. However most women are faced with the same problems when they wear headbands; they squeeze your head, they slip off your head, and/or they give you headaches. It's nearly impossible to find a stylish headband that does everything that you need and nothing that you don't. Enter Urban Halo, a small business founded by Wellness in Parenting Expert and mom, Jen Joas. According to Joas bio, Urban Halos are "fun and flirty headbands that are as practical as they are stylish for on-the-go and trendy moms."

First, the facts: Urban Halos are made in the USA using a soft signature fabric. The fabric us custom printed using an eco-friendly waterless process. Each headband can be worn narrow, wide or scrunched. The standard headband is $15 however there are also rhinestone "spiritwear" options available for $20. They also create custom orders which can be used for a variety of organizations and events.

Over the course of 3 days I wore my very stylish Peacock Squawk Urban Halo a variety of ways in a variety of places. The headband is very comfortable and stayed that way even after wearing it for a full day.The fabric is silky and soft and fits well without being too tight. Usually no sooner do I put a headband on that it slips right off again, due to my larger hat size and very fine hair. However the Urban Halo stayed trued to its word and stayed where I put it for the majority of the day.

If the band is worn under your hair it may cause more fine hair to sit a little funny in the back as the day wears on and your hair flattens. Other than that it's an fun and fashionable way to pull your hair back. If the band is worn over your hair it will stay in place without constantly sliding up and causing the "bubble" effect on the back of your hair.

Overall it is a very good product and its promise of "no slip, no headache, no sweat" can be trusted. The hardest part will be deciding which of their stylish halos you like best.