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Upcoming Events of the Week

The Week


This week there are some events that you should mark on your calendar. The first being Music City Brewer's Festival and glass night at the Flying Saucer.

Music City Brewer's Festval is this Saturday July 19th. It looks like tickets are still available for either session. There are also tickets remaining for the VIP event on Friday. Please visit their website for more information This event is always trying to add new breweries to the event and this year is no different. One of the many breweries that I'm loooking forward to seing is Ole Shed Brewery. This brewery is based out of Tullahoma, Tennessee and was started in 2011. I have heard some good things about this brewery so I cannot wait to try their beer.

The Flying Saucer is also having a glass night this week. The event will be Wednesday, July 16 at 7 pm. The brewery being celebrated is Duvel. Duvel specializes is belgian brews so if you are a fan of the belgian ales make plans to stop down on Wednesday. Now sometimes the spot lighted breweries can change so make sure to call ahead. This event is always fun and it gives you a reason to go out on a Wednesday.

Also, Blackstone Brewery is doing a project called Black list. Blackstone will doing small batches of experimental, specialty brews. The list currently has 25 creations on it. Every month the specialty beer will change. Be sure to check out these special batch brews at Blackstone. Terrific creativity is being shown by the local breweries, way to go Blackstone.

So this week and weekend go out and enjoy some new beer. If you don't have your tickets for the Brewer's Festival go on the website and purchase. As always you can follow me on twitter and untappd @princessofhops.