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Up to My Ears in America, memoir of escape from Communist Czechoslovakia

Compelling memoir of life after Communism.
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"Up to My Ears in America," by Jan Drabek.


Former Ambassador Jan Drabek's memoir, Up to My Ears in America is a lively and inspirational as well as anecdotal account of life after escaping Communist Czechoslovakia to the freedom(s) of France, America and Canada among other nations. Effects of life as an immigrant and the stalwart resolve to achieve against all odds, rings declaratively through this unique account of life well-spent. Readers are indeed honored to share in Mr. Drabek's lifetime of achievements. ~ National Writing Examiner.


Jan Drabek was born in Prague. In 1948, his family escaped on skis from the newly Communist Czechoslovakia, eventually making its way to the United States where he finished his schooling and served in the U.S. Navy. His memoir allows readers to share a glimpse into the realities of the Cold War and its effects on youngsters and their parents. Having called various countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa his home, Jan Drabek weaves exceptional accounts of life as an immigrant settling in new lands and territories.

As an author of over seventeen books, written and translated in both English and Czech, new discoveries are at readers' fingertips in print and/or digital publications. If you haven't read Jan's work previously; you'll want to after reading his memoir. Mr. Drabek studied at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University; he served as chair of the British Columbia Federation of Writers for three terms and the British Columbia Caucus of the Writers Union of Canada as well as written prolifically. His articles, stories and translations have appeared in many publications. His published works include The Golden Revolution and The Statement. He also wrote and produced Father's Return to Auschwitz, a 1985 documentary film. His newest script, The Christmas Before Auschwitz is currently in development through his publisher. Qualified film-makers are welcomed to contact DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. on Mr. Drabek's behalf.

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