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Unu Unity Protective Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

The Unity Protective Battery Case provides power and protection in a slim profile
The Unity Protective Battery Case provides power and protection in a slim profileUnu

Unity Protective Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5


There’s only one reason to get a battery case for a smartphone: to provide charging power when the phone’s battery goes belly up. But just as the Samsung Galaxy S5 breaks many of the expected attitudes for what makes a phone “smart,” so too does Unu’s Unity Protective Batter Case (for the Samsung Galaxy S5).

The Unity doesn’t pop onto the Galaxy while making a connection and call it quits — it thinks differently by consisting of 4 sections. Break them down as the outer case or back cover, a protective “bumper,” a chassis that holds a battery and a battery itself. So yes you can think of the Unity as containing its battery as a “stackable” component. It takes a short few minutes to assemble the Unity to the Galaxy and the end result is hours of additional time for doing whatever you want: such as increasing standby to 390 hours, music playback to 77, talk time to 29, etc. Obviously these are all approximate but they’re not unrealistic. And since you can get another battery easily enough, and insert it in place of the one that’s there easily enough, being left in the lurch with the power meter at “0” just isn’t going to happen. I’d add that the battery’s capacity is 200mAH; that means fast charging capabilities from 0 to 60, as it were.

It doesn’t hurt either that the Unity provides security from minor bumps and scraps that a smartphone is heir too — don’t think of it as being “military grade” though, it’s not. But like any cover it adds a layer of protection to the phone — especially for the front through a raised lip — with the trade off being a bit of greater heft and a slight increase in the overall dimensions. But it’s nothing to complain about. What does require a bit of “muscle memory” is the fact that the Unity obviates the water resistance of the Galaxy — a necessity due to its design and not something to worry all that much about. But if you’re prone to sweating all over the Galaxy, or live in a state where the rain doth fall from the gentle sky frequently, it’s got to be a consideration. You can always move to Southern California.

Little niceties like displaying its power setting via the usual onscreen meter, coming in different colors (I prefer the basic black) and having rounded edges doesn’t hurt the overall appeal, but there’s no denying that it’s the implementation of “how” the Unity Protective Case envelopes the Galaxy that makes it attractive. And worth getting. And worth the $89.95 retail.