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Unu's Ultrapak Go & Tour Portable Battery Packs

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Unu's Ultrapak Go Battery Charger


Smartphones have made huge improvements in people’s lives — but there is the darker side to contemplate. With so many depending on the use and information stored inside their phone, what can be done when the power runs down and this technological marvel turns into an inert candy bar-sized brick? For those who say it’s just a matter of charging the phone up before leaving the house for the day, I refer them to Murphy’s Law. Trust me, there WILL come a time when the phone’s power will lag, then go out and there’ll be no charger around. And it will happen at the worst possible time. That’s why smartphone battery chargers were created — but not all are up to the task. Unu’s Ultrapak Go Battery Pack is.

The Go Battery Pack, at its heart, is similar to other chargers because its job is to supply power to a depleted phone’s battery. But it’s how this is gone about that makes the difference. First a word about its outer shell — its rubberized enclosure surrounds the electronics and the 3,000mAH internal battery and so makes for a good grip. The Go is also smaller than the average cellphone, so fitting in a pocket or getting it confused for the phone in the dark won’t happen. Actually that part is even less probable, because there’s a built-in LED flashlight.

The Go has its own wall outlet charger — not as convenient as a USB for sure, but necessary since a lot of juice needs to be compacted into the battery. Once the charging indicator LED has documented the power’s all there, the Go becomes portable. And that's where it gets really good.

So you run a USB cable from the Go to the phone’s input (i.e., an iPhone’s Lightning connector or an Android phone’s micro-USB, etc.) and press the power button to start the charging. Then you wait. And wait…no you don’t! The Go’s charging technology is such that the claim of it working 8X faster than a standard battery backup can be justified. I let my iPhone’s power delete down to barely anything there, plugged it into the Go and watched as the charging moved at speeds many time faster than I had seen before. But the best part is that I didn’t have to approximate this myself: the Go has a LED panel that shows the remaining charging time and current power levels — both of these being a bit approximate but well within realistic tolerance levels.

What this all means is that having a Go gives you power when you need it most, but also gives it fast so you can get back to what you were doing with the smartphone in the first place. That’s awesome.

Unu also has the Ultrapak Tour — similar in concept to Go but physically bigger so as to accommodate a bigger battery (10,000mAH). The output is such that it can perform similar feats as that of the Go on tablets as well. If I was a person who took his or her tablet out with me all the time, I’d get the $129.99 (retail) Tour. Otherwise the $129.95 (retail) Go would be the go-to battery pack kept in the car or backpack or wherever a portable battery charger must be for doing its rapid charging thing when needed.