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Untold Legends: Blackguards DLC Review

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Untold Legends


Blackguards was a very questionable title, for 40 USD it seemed a bit steep given the lack of freedom one would expect from a RPG. However, for the hardcore RPG fan this was a game that is an instant buy. The first DLC for Blackguards has been released and it features some backstory on a mysterious character you meet in the gladiator arena named Takate. This is a very short DLC having only a few hours of gameplay and about another hour or two worth of story, it still offers more than what publishers/developers try to constitute as add on content.

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Untold Legends features seven missions detailing the history of the spear wielding gladiator hero that joins you on your quest to save the world. In addition to the missions there are new weapons, new musical tracks, new maps, and even new creatures. You can play this DLC while playing your main save file after you get Takate into your party. The gameplay of Blackguards does not alter or change during this DLC.

You get about as much content as you would expect from a six dollar DLC pack. Everything that makes Blackguards a good game is the lore and story behind it. The characters make up the story and Takate always seemed like the odd man out since you never really know much about him. This DLC adds to his character substantially an it helps the game along in this aspect. I would highly recommend owners of Blackguards to buy this DLC. I give the Untold Legends DLC for Daedelic Entertainment's Blackguards a 7/10. It is a nice addition, but it still leaves you wanting more. You can read my review for Blackguards here. The game is available on Steam, GoG, and Gamersgate respectively.