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Unreal review

The first thing you see upon starting the game
The first thing you see upon starting the game
Ken Kriho



Unreal is a first person shooter released on PC on May 22nd, 1998. The game was developed by Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes, with publishing done by GT Interactive. The story follows prisoner 849 (aka you) on their way to a prison moon when the ship, Vortex Rikers, crashes on Na Pali, a strange planet home to the Nali, a race of four armed humanoids, who are subjected the Skarrj, a race of aggressive reptile-human hybrids. With only your wits and an arsenal of weapons as your guide, you fight your way off the planet and save the Nali from Skarrj tyranny.

Unreal Logo
Ken Kriho

Graphics-Graphics are a sign of things to come. With an engine that shares the name of this game, it’s no surprise that the Unreal engine created something beautiful, and only improves that beauty with age.

Sound-The soundtrack is the highlight of this game. The array of songs are placed perfectly, and no song is overused (except for the combat, but that’s excusable). The soundtrack also makes each level come to life.

Gameplay-While not original, the combat is paced perfectly. Combat isn’t over the top nor slow as molasses, and exploration is easy to get used to. One original mechanic that this game presents that is surprisingly absent is the dodge techniques. Rather than stepping aside, you can tap the directional key twice to dodge and create space. You also carry items in your inventory for assistance when need be.

Legacy-It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this game’s engine has been used time and time again for other games. This engine also provided competition for the Quake 2 engine.

Overall-Unreal is a gem in its own right. While most have played the other Unreal games, this game shouldn’t be overlooked. It is a classic game, and you should own it.

Score: 5/5

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