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Unreal 2 review

Unreal 2


Unreal II: The Awakening is a first person shooter developed by the defunct Legend Entertainment and published by Atari. The game was released on February 3rd, 2003 for windows and for Xbox on February 10th, 2004. The story follows ex-Marine John Dalton who patrols space away from the action, but is called back to duty in order to retrieve seven artifacts, when combined, create an ultimate weapon when assembled.

Graphics-The scenery and locations are decent looking, as there are quite a few places to explore, but they don’t deliver the same feeling as the first game did. The character models however are less impressive.

Sound-The voice acting really doesn’t leave a good impression, and the soundtrack is just as unimpressive. Not having any memorable soundtracks also doesn’t help matter either.

Gameplay-The gameplay is solid, to say the least, but like the graphics and sound, really don’t leave as an impressive mark as the first game did. The reason is because this game may remind players that this game plays like most shooters, and probably the most likely candidate would be Halo (with completing objectives, leading squads, etc.) The combat doesn’t feel as engaging as before, as you’re going to spend more time exploring and less time in action, which really slows the pace down (the difference between this and the first game is that the first game made exploration more engaging). Each mission starts out on the Atlantis, and then you go to your current level to play. Why not just cut the intermissions and just go to the next level?

Weapons-The weapons this time aren’t as cool or as original due to lack of anything innovating. While there are some weapons that are original, there isn’t enough to outdo what the first game did.

Originality-This is where this game takes a massive hit. This game feels too underdeveloped and the developers really didn’t bring anything new to the table.

Overall-Unreal II: The Awakening isn’t a complete disaster, but too many unoriginal ideas and shortcomings prevent this game from being a masterpiece. If you want to play a good Unreal game, go for the first game.

Score: 3/5

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