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Unravel the Mysteries as Nancy Drew in the Ghost of Thornton Manner

Nancy Drew: the Ghost of Thornton Manner


Her Interactive continues to keep point and click adventure games alive. They allow the players to control teen sleuth Nancy Drew through her series adventures. Mobile gamers can download The Ghost of Thornton Manner through the Google Play market or the Apple app store.

The story begins when the young detective receives a call from one of her friends. Drew hears stories about a haunted manner and other supernatural events only add to her suspicions. The player needs to use all of the clues given in the game discover the truth. As with any other puzzle game, the player is expect to solve puzzles in order to advance the story.

The story draws the player in, the voice acting is good, and the puzzles are challenging. While all of these things well, it does not necessarily make the game stand out. Even when all of these factors come together, there is still one item that can ruin a tablet game. Poor controls make many Android and iOS games unplayable. The Ghost of Thornton Manner does not suffer from this flaw. It uses a straight-forward touch interface.

Players can access the full game for a little over $5.00. They can download the free version, which gives them access to twenty hours of game play. Free players can experience parts of the story, but they will able to solve the mystery until they pay the extra money. It earns three out of five stars.