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Unique Mexican Specialties at El Xacalli in Yorkville

El Xacalli 1
Eric McLear

El Xacalli in Yorkville


Pronounced “Jacal,” Yorkville’s latest addition to the culinary landscape offers a wide variety of authentic Mexican specialties. The word itself refers to the dwellings of an indigenous population, and the food pays homage to such a heritage. Fresh, simple preparation allows the robust flavors of each ingredient to shine through.
The menu is simple and straightforward which keeps the ingredient list short, allowing each flavor to stand on its own and accentuates the freshness of each component. The guacamole, for example, is full of fresh chunks of tender avocado, seasoned perfectly, and complemented by dipping in a crunchy tortilla chip.
The menu’s simplicity is specifically designed to ensure that each item receives the attention during preparation that it requires. Selections are as straightforward as a Burrito Grande, tortas, quesadillas, paninis, and wraps. Those prices range from $4 to $7. There is a shrimp cocktail, and steamed shrimp or tilapia for between $9 and $11. The highlight of the menu is Corn in a Cup which is corn, mayo, butter, cheese, and hot pepper powder. The rest of the menu is highlighted by fresh fruit cocktails, juices, and smoothies. Prices for those range from $3 to $5.50 and feature fresh apple, banana, strawberry, cantaloupe, peaches, pear, papaya, raisins, granola, coconut, pecans, and cranberries; truly fresh food, freshly and simply prepared. Combo deals and lunch specials are featured regularly.
El Xacalli is located at 1423 Cannonball Trail in Yorkville. The number is 630-385-2563. Dine in and carry-out is available, and catering can be arranged upon request. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. As always, best to call for details or specific requests.