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Unique Bookstore Displays Local Artist's Work

Original Tiger Shark drawing by David J. Koukol
Original Tiger Shark drawing by David J. Koukol
David J. Koukol

David J. Koukol


Ugly Dog Books, a unique establishment of new and used books, will be showcasing the work of David J. Koukol through the month of January 2012.

Located at 75 Union Street in Attleboro, Massachusetts, Ugly Dog Books prides itself on being a comfortable retreat for people of all ages to come and sit, read, write and shop. The showcasing of David Koukol's work represents the latest addition to its Artist of the Month series, representing a major staple in the store's eclectic and exciting events such as book clubs, reading nights for writers to share their work, writing nights, writing workshops, story time, artist/author showcases, book signings and much more. Let's not forget the free coffee on Sundays, too.

David Koukol has been exhibiting his artwork throughout Massachussetts and has earned a professional relationship as an established exhibitor with the Hughes-Donahue Fine Art Gallery located in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Always with a new and interesting group or series that expands on what he has previously done, Koukol's exhibits are like Jazz. It may be a similar theme or subject but it comes out different everytime, giving an individual quality to each and every showing.

His drawings can go in any direction and are not hindered by theme or subject. One such work could be that of a Mourning Dove or a Great White Shark, one of the artist's personal favorites. The next one could be representing one of his favorite muses. Another could be that of comedy and tragedy mixed with the spirited summoning of Charlie Chaplin's slapstick humor.

This is what puts David Koukol in a league of his own as not only a foundational trend setter for present and future aspiring artists but also a modern day guidepost that reminds us all of what's truly important in life.

As an artist and writer, Koukol is the first to admit that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are often marred by a comedy of errors and, in some cases, the tragedy of misfortune. However, he is not one to be defeated by the strange and bizarre curve balls that this world tends to serve up in abundance.

His work as an artist represents his line in the sand that no one or nothing is allowed to cross. The images depicted in his drawings exemplify his personal triumphs over adversity, often poking fun at the inane, the idiotic and the downright weird. One could possibly say that his shark is his sword and shield, his birds are his sense of self-determined freedom and his muses represent his sensual appreciation for that which symbolizes the finer and more lovely attributes of humanity itself.

Above all, it's his sense of humor that – being channeled into his work – ultimately carries the day.

Ugly Dog Books will be hosting a special artist's reception for David Koukol on Friday, December 30, 2011, from 7pm to 8pm EDT. All are welcome to come as we look forward to seeing you there. The artwork itself will remain on display through January 25, 2012. For more information, please feel free to call Ugly Dog Books at 508-226-0100 or visit their web site at

Ugly Dog Books is a locally owned bookstore. It offers a wide array of adult and children's titles. It also sells a variety of specialty items, such as greeting cards, puzzles, games and T-shirts. Ugly Dog Books supports local writers by offering writing workshops and selling local writer's books at the store. It also donates a portion of its proceeds to charities such as the St. Joseph's Food Pantry and The Literacy Center.

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