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‘Unforgettable’ recap: ‘Til Death’ did they part

Til Death
Til Death



Unforgettable’ returns with someone dissolving marriages lethally. Al believes the guilty culprit is linked to several unsolved homicide cases he had been investigating. But for now, the only connection he and Carrie have seems to be a woman by the name of Eileen Brenner, a soccer mom and escort service CEO.

She gives them the location of her scandalous rendezvous den, a luxurious high-rise in the city where the detectives are met by the doorman who later becomes a suspect. He’s a pervert but not the perpetrator of said murders.

They next visit a college bookstore since Madam Brenner’s working girls are college students. Tuition is expensive. Bookstore cashier and manager Harvey Reynolds is reluctant in cooperating being that he does not wish to violate school policies. The dean later explains Harvey’s world consists solely of the bookstore. Harvey is a bit eccentric.

The dean knew he had students who took social studies beyond the law, but thought the matter had been resolved because all those girls left school amidst the scandal. No, he just has a new batch of classroom call girls.

Carrie’s theory is that the killer grew up the son of rich phony parents and resented the façade many couples put on. In particular, he has a distain for married men who cheat on their wives with prostitutes. So Carrie and Al smoke him out by posing as a wealthy couple living in one of New York City’s enviable brownstones. And the trap works because dude is indeed following them right up to where Al goes to a known pickup bar and meets with one of the madam’s girls.

Unfortunately, false clues lead the cops to think poor misunderstood Harvey Reynolds is the killer especially when his body is found. They suspect the cause of death being suicide and relax themselves thinking Reynolds did this out of remorse. Wrong. They later find out he was murdered.

Under all this relaxation, Al goes out to pick up dinner and the real killer shows up at the brownstone. Carrie, with her total recall powers, recognizes the ring on his finger. She remembers seeing him before. She cleverly turns the video feed back on, but no one at the station is watching activities at the brownstone. The cops are still relaxing.

Eventually, Officer Lee returns to his post, notices Carrie missing from the living room, rewinds the tape and sees her being held at gunpoint. Word is sent to Al who comes to the rescue. Actually, it is indeed a partnership because first, Carrie plays a little psychological game with the demented killer to throw him off before Al sneaks up from behind. Now, they can relax at least on this case anyway.

Sidebar: ‘SNL’ alum Jane Curtin is a delight as Medical Examiner Joanne Webster.

Tune in next week for another episode of ‘Unforgettable’ on Fridays at 8:00 PM on CBS to see what Carrie remembers next to help solve their case.