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‘Unforgettable’ recap: ‘The Combination’ reversal

The Combination
The Combination



Boxing champ Johnny D’Amata drops dead in the middle of the street as folks are celebrating the Festival of Napal and word on the street is that Johnny threw his last fight. Say it ain’t so. Now that could certainly fuel enough anger to cause a person to commit murder. Carrie is familiar with the late boxing great because she saw his last match along with her date, Secret Service Agent Frank Sims (Boris Kodjoe).

Medical Examiner Joanne, another boxing fan who loved the sport so much she used to volunteer as an on-call doctor. Who knew? Joanne comes to the conclusion that Johnny was punched to death, teeth knocked out and temple bone crushed. Nasty. Someone gave him a right hook, left upper cut and left cross jab. Ouch! Johnny was killed by his own combination.

Al is wondering what Johnny’s trainer Casey McGraw, would do if Johnny really did take a dive. After speaking with Casey, Carrie refuses to believe Casey had anything to do with Johnny’s murder even though Casey has anger issues.

Jay uncovers photos of Johnny with Dafina Dervishi, an old high school friend of Johnny’s whose family has Albanian mob connections. The Dervishi family are also stars of a reality show called “Staten Island Syndicate Wives.” Who are these people? “Mob Wives” wannabes? Just as Carrie and Al show up at the Dervishi’s estate where they are filming a birthday party, Johnny’s older brother Bobby arrives swinging a baseball bat and accusing the family of being responsible for Johnny’s death. Now, these folks, Carrie and Al included, are packing some serious heat. Does Bobby not know you never bring a bat to a possible gun fight?

Johnny had a pregnant girlfriend named Anna who happens to be the granddaughter of Casey McGraw. Now Al has once again set his sights on the trainer as a suspect. Fortunately (and unfortunately) for Casey, he’s dead so he won’t go through all that questioning again. Al is stumped and so is Anna. All the men in her life are dropping like flies. Anna confides in Al that she had miscarried. Johnny was going to quit boxing, open a gym with Casey plus she and Johnny were planning on getting married.

Johnny’s rapper/agent’s mammoth sized bodyguard is strapping some serious weaponry as well. One is a gold-plated gun named Bonnie and the other is a silver-plated number named Clyde. Carrie wants them both checked for ballistics. After all, Casey’s murder deserves solving too.

Suddenly, Carrie remembers something. Bobby said he was not at the festival. He lied. She recalls seeing his jacket as he mixed among the crowd. So it’s time to pay big brother Bobby a visit at his construction site job and immediately, he takes off like a rabbit. The average person would think the cops were coming to say they’ve got a suspect in custody. Not Bobby. Guilt has him running with no escape route or plan.

Bobby confesses. He wanted money and his cash register, Johnny, was closing the drawer. He also wanted to be the one who trained Johnny. Casey did not agree with that nonsense. Feeling squeezed out by his brother and Casey, bitter Bobby D’Amato lost control.

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