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‘Unforgettable’ Recap: ‘Reunion’ an education in murder

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Al and Carrie attend one of the most dreaded events known to man – her 20th anniversary high school reunion. Former classmates’ attentions are swiftly taken off of “scary Carrie” when one of their own, Tommy, is found murdered on the bathroom floor. She was “scary Carrie” because her memory talents were not appreciated back then. We don't see much of the incomparable Joan (Jane Curtin) in this episode.

Pieces slowly come together thanks to Carrie’s inner memory lane. Earlier in the evening, Tommy had been showing them pictures on his phone. However, after scrolling through his cell, Carrie notices one picture is missing. It’s a photo of a denim jacket with a distinct pattern on the back. The jacket was worn by another classmate named Vickie the night she was killed in a hit and run when they were in the 10th grade, some 22 years ago.

A week ago, Tommy, who was having money troubles, had been babbling on and on about Vickie and something big happening on the night of their reunion to fellow classmate Hank. Carrie figures there must be a connection there. She questions a former high school teacher who had a thing for young girls especially Vickie. He mentions Vickie used to complain about a student who kept following her.

That trail leads them to yet another classmate named Greg who knows his way around a claw hammer, the same weapon used to bludgeon Tommy. Greg and Carrie were in algebra class together until he flunked out. Greg is innocent. He was just another outsider who genuinely cared about Vickie. For the record, the outsiders were students such as Carrie who did not fit in with the cool crowd.

It turns out that denim jacket is a very important piece to the puzzle. It had actually belonged to Hank who had two girls, Melanie and Bella, fighting over him and his jacket at the time. Carrie has a theory, a correct theory. Melanie, who is now a rich woman, killed Vickie in a fit of rage and a case of mistaken identity all those many years ago. She believed the girl walking along the road wearing said jacket was her rival Bella, but it was Vickie. If only Vickie hadn’t taken the jacket. Tommy, who was a witness to the crime, was unfortunately a loose end that needed to be tied. He was right. Something major did happen the night of their class reunion.

‘Unforgettable' returns to CBS in June.