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‘Unforgettable’ Recap: ‘Omega Hour’ alpha fears

Omega Hour
Omega Hour



While Al is busy rubbing elbows at his friend’s wedding, Carrie is at the Mayor’s hootenanny busy avoiding them. Her boredom quickly shifts to adrenaline rush when a cybercriminal traps Eliot, the mayor and some rich dude who owns the building inside an elevator.

A couple of thugs are sent upstairs, which is where Carrie and Joan are hiding, to sweep for stragglers. Cornered like mice, she remembers one of the help entering a wine cooler room using a digital security coded key pad and memorized the numbers. She and Joan chill in there for a minute.

Al attempts to shut down the building’s power. The super hacker overrides that foolishness and warns Al against trying any other tricks or hostages will die. Okay, who didn’t see that coming? The NYPD soon identify the cyber bully, a typical nut job who calls himself “Omega.”

Meanwhile, our three men who are trapped in the elevator are as hot and frustrated as baby in a urine-soaked diaper. Omega won’t have to kill them. They are about to take out each other especially in light of rich dude’s difficulty in getting his hands on $100 million. Yes, Omega says he wants $100 million (always the magic number isn’t it?) and rich dude has made nine phone calls so far with no luck.

Carrie manages to set the hostages free, but she eventually gets captured and then escapes. Al gets the city’s entire grid shut down to force Omega to “go blind.” As Carrie bobs and weaves her way through the building down to the elevator shaft, she notices a bomb. Omega is really into “the end.” Folk just won’t play fair anymore.

She rescues Eliot and his friends right before the bomb goes off. Al is overjoyed in seeing her alive and in one piece and the two of them find Omega hiding in a secret room perched in front of a laptop downloading, uploading, whatever. Dude is doing some shady stuff, but Carrie fixes that and shoots the laptop and Omega in his shoulder. It’s only a flesh wound. Omega is not dead, but it is the end for him.

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