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‘Unforgettable’ recap: ‘New Hundred’ a few good men

New Hundred
New Hundred



Unforgettable” returns with Carrie laundering money in the opening scene. Seriously. She is pulling out more than a fistful of dollars from the spin cycle of a clothes dryer. Seconds later, we next see Carrie chowing down at a diner with Joanne who grills her about her relationship with Al. Even Joanne feels the need for a cold shower when those two are in the same room.

Carrie is rescued from Joanne’s comments by a phone call from Al. Jay needs their help. His sister is worried because her ex-husband Evan did not show up for his visitation with their son. They all go to the hotel where Evan is staying only to find him dead on the bed from a single gunshot wound in the back. Even more intriguing is the fact that Evan was killed with a specialized armor piercing gun. Although the crime scene shows evidence of a prostitute having been there, Evan’s murder is part of an ongoing counterfeit investigation. This tidbit is provided courtesy of Special Agent Frank Sims of the U.S. Secret Service.

Agent Sims, or Bigfoot as Elliott likes to call him, is in town to take over the case. Of course, Carrie is not having any of that. They will partner up. This is her city, her case. Meanwhile, Al is displaying signs of feeling threatened especially after learning Sims has a reputation for being a player.

There is video footage of Evan with a woman sporting a unique tattoo which represents an Indonesian radical group known as The Red Door. They love to make things go boom. Naturally, Carrie remembers seeing a female matching this description leaving the hotel.

Carrie volunteers to go undercover and join the all-girl counterfeiting gang the Secret Service is investigating. Fascinated with Carrie’s gift of other worldly memory, Sims tests her skills after he gives her a brief counterfeit-training course along with the serial numbers she will be needing to hand over. As for Al, he is turning greener by the minute. Another rooster in the hen house will do that.

Carrie is taken to the fake money-making warehouse where she meets the girl with the red door tattoo and this is one trigger happy chick. After Carrie is allowed to call her alleged counterfeit associate (Al), she starts talking in code in hopes he will be able to find her and soon. Tattoo girl wants to kill all her little helpers since the job is nearly complete. Thanks to the fast-thinking Carrie, the women are saved. Carrie convinces the lunatic ring leader that the women still have work to do. The fake money needs to be aged so everything has to go inside the dryer. Hence, we come to the “opening scene” followed by Al getting caught and brought inside to join the party.

Fortunately, Sims and members of the NYPD arrive in time to crash the party. Red door gang leader girl escapes but not for long. Carrie and crew track the female crime lord in the middle of an arms deal. Needless to say, she will be trading in that red door for some prison bars.

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