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‘Unforgettable’ Recap: ‘East of Islip’ west of paradise

East of Islip
East of Islip



Some serial nutcase is ruining the plush landscaping of South Hampton by littering it with the bodies of dead females. Not to worry. Carrie and Al are given the opportunity to investigate while staying at Elliott’s beachside “cottage.” And when you think of cottages, please don’t go getting visions of the leaning shacks seen in pictures of your favorite fairy tales. This is a far cry from it. It’s a cushy job and somebody has got to do it. Besides, the South Hampton Village PD could use the help. They only have four officers on the force.

Carrie and Al begin interviewing the victim, Shelly’s, former co-workers, acquaintances, and her parents, the Brannigans, as Carrie starts taking snapshots in her mind. Those will come into play later.

There is a two-panel all-star comedy reunion of sorts when Medical Examiner Joan (comedic actress Jane Curtin) and the South Hampton Medical Examiner (comedic actor Wayne Knight) collaborate on the case. Yes, Joan insisted on traveling to the Hamptons and seems to be smitten with the South Hampton M.E.

It’s looking more and more like Shelly did not die at the hands of the elusive serial killer. The team soon discovers that Shelly attended the engagement party for George Mortimer’s daughter, Lizzie. Old-money George, who likes to get all liquored up and mess with the common village girls, becomes a suspect when luminal uncovers a whole lot of blood in his boat house. Of course, George is not the perverted perpetrator. That would be too easy.

Jay comes up to “help” also. It’s unclear how his lounging around in the Jacuzzi is helping matters though. Soon afterwards, Murray shows up to “help” out and now the band is back together again playing at the Hamptons!

Carrie’s super memory powers lead her to question the Mortimer’s very timid maid. Apparently, Shelly had called the Mortimer home and asked specifically for Travis, Lizzie’s fiancé. So Carrie and Al pay Travis Harrington a visit to ask questions including why did he withdraw $10,000 from his bank account. This is the exact amount deposited into Shelly’s bank account. Co-inc-e-dink? Also, Carrie’s own bank (memory) kicks in again when she notices an epi-pen in Travis’ shirt pocket. He’s allergic to peanuts and Carrie remembers the peanut-free zone drawing posted on the Brannigan’s fridge created by Shelly’s 8-year-old brother Spencer. You can practically see Carrie playing connect-a-dot in her head.

Murray discovers Travis is not who he says he is, at least the last name is a lie. He grew up in Iceland with Shelly. In fact, they were classmates, but the explosive fact is that Spencer is actually their son! The two became parents at the tender age of 15 and kept it on the hush especially since Spencer is being raised as Shelly’s brother. Travis quickly confesses to the murder, claiming it was an accident. Carrie does not buy it and has another “total recall” moment. She recalls Shelly’s mom mentioning Travis and his brother, Robert. Now what was the name of the party catering supervisor again? Oh right, Bob, and Bob just happens to be Travis’s brother. Travis is free to go and given some lame excuse as to why.

Tracking the brothers, Carrie and Al find them at the local marina. Their guess is the two are planning to bounce. Funny, that’s Bob’s guess also. All of them are wrong. Travis hands over an envelope full of cash to Bob instructing him to bounce on his lonesome and never return. He’s about to build a life and don’t need Bob’s baggage. Bob does not agree. After all, he’s killed for him. He’s helped him through college. He’s looked out for him ever since their days of growing up in a home with an alcoholic mother and a physically abusive father.

Clearly, Bob is the more traumatized one out of this family dynamic. Bob claims Shelly wanted money, her type always does according to him. However, the amount she allegedly asked for keeps changing and Travis questions if she even really asked for any money. He doubts it. Travis believes Shelly only wanted closure by saying good-bye. Angered, Bob turns on his little brother with his fists of fury and finally says the magic words, “I killed her for you.” This prompts police guns to be drawn and jailhouse bracelets to be issued.

Later, the gang enjoy one last time in the Hamptons with scrumptious looking food, drinks and wide smiles which are sure to fade once they return to the city.

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