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‘Unforgettable’ recap and review: ‘The Haircut’ killer headlines

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Annabel, a reporter who exposed NSA official General Clearage’s alleged involvement in a scandal, makes headline news again when her body is found inside a hotel room. Joanne cites accidental overdose as the cause of death. However, Carrie begs to differ. She recalls seeing a recent news broadcast where Annabel is seen writing with her left hand. People can’t or normally don’t use their less than dominant hand to shoot themselves up with. Since Annabel’s needle mark is in her left arm, Carrie rules her death as homicide as they all stand back looking amazed. So who saw fit to give poor Annabel a hot shot and why?

Naturally, the almost-disgraced general is a prime suspect, but fresh flowers found in a vase at Annabel’s apartment with note signed by the initials DG lead Carrie to suspect there might have been some hanky-panky going on between Annabel and her boss, Donovan Gates. He denies it of course.

Al tries to pump his former flame and contact, Lt. Colonel Emily Connors for information but she is a loyal General Clearage supporter and she warns Al to tread lightly on the matter. Meanwhile, Agent Sims (Boris Kodjoe) is back in town to pretty much warn Carrie of the same thing. There is a whole lot of flirting going on amongst these four.

After noticing a mystery man on the elevator of the hotel, Al and Carrie track down a former cameraman of Annabel who was also smitten with the young reporter. According to him, the hotel has a secret stairwell for celebrities to use in order to escape those pesky paparazzi types. Annabel often used the hotel room to interview folk who valued discretion. The crime-fighting duo later find another cameraman who has in his possession photos of General Clearage leaving the hotel a half an hour from the time Annabel got off the elevator.

Annabel’s assistant, Matt, suddenly quits right before it’s discovered he is the one behind her missing emails. Matt is a super computer geek who is eventually found murdered also. The murderer took out Matt motherboard with a bullet to the head.

Al meets with Emily again. This time she gives him a hint: check out a certain book from the library. He does and after a few mumbo-jumbo code breaking moments, the NYPD’s system is hacked and Carrie receives an invitation to meet with this mastermind.

Carrie enters a building that is so dark until all she can see is the silhouette of a woman and the infrared dots over her body as hidden sharp shooters keep their weapons trained on her. The lady, who apparently is part of some secret agency, promptly tells Carrie if she starts to feel nervous then Carrie is a goner. The mystery woman said “they” only wanted to block the general’s appointment. Annabel was an asset. No government agency was behind the deaths of Annabel or Matt.

After Al finally gets his chance to chat with the general, we learn the whole scandal story was a fake. Annabel had a conscience and wanted to fix things. That was what their meeting at the hotel was about. So who didn’t want her to set things right? Turns out it was the network’s golden boy Pemberton Ward. He just couldn’t fathom having a retracted story out there thus ruining the network’s reputation. To Pemberton, it was more than a job. The boss and co-workers were family. Hmm, yet he thought it necessary to rub out two members of his “family.”

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