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Unfinished Song is utterly charming

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Unfinished Song



With the film Unfinished Song, the Weinstein Company once again has become synonymous with classic films. Producing films like the comedy-drama Mrs. Henderson Presents with Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins and The King's Speech with Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth, Unfinished Song also titled (Song for Marion) features screen icons Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave whose performances are genuine and brilliant.

Unfinished Song deals with love, morality, loss, isolation and salvation. Many critics, dismissed the film and its cast, which are mostly over 60 as a "slice of grey pound-courting cinema". But the film is a simple heat warming touching comedy-drama with an elderly demographic, which is underrepresented on screen by today's major American film studios.

Director and screenwriter Paul Andrew Williams benefits enormously from the elegant performances of Redgrave and Stamp. So the fact that other characters and performance are somewhat underdevelopment is forgiven. Unfinished Song is a film that everyone will come to enjoy as they find themselves dealing with the tenderness of ageing, a sense of community, a loving marriage, or the need to have emotional ties to their children. Unfinished Song is a likable, mainstream and commercial piece of cinema. It is utterly charming.

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